Anonymous: Why would people steve off? I mean pete off sounds more dirty


brb peteing off

Anonymous: I can imagine that your url is gonna be "lemonpete" one day... ^^

i was too late 

why do people “jack” off

why can’t you “steve” off

maann i wanna go soundwave

omg i remember when it was summer and we had a no uniform day and a teacher sent an email the day before saying no one was allowed to wear short shorts

like im sorry have u been in a girls clothing shop recently literally the only things they sell are baggy shirts and tiny ass jean underpants 

Anonymous: Can everyone pull a mean girls and just cut holes in their shirts? As a personal fuck you cause that sounds like bull tbh

nah no one’s gonna do that. cause we need to “uphold the school image” etc and those shirts are like $30+ each 

lmao they sent out an email to the whole school telling us not to wear coloured bras well its not our fault the school shirt is fuckin transparent 


can a girl get 6 more followers

on holidays plz talk 2 me